Before moving to Freeport, my family did a lot of research on school systems, and concluded that the public education offered by RSU 5 is better than where we were moving from. My oldest son is a gifted math student and he’s had a first-rate educational experience. He has been offered elevated lessons and personal challenges. He’s on the math team, in the choir and in year-round athletics.

Forming sports teams with Durham and Pownal kids has also benefited our son. My husband and I volunteer as youth coaches. Losing the RSU would bring our sports numbers down to a non-competitive level. This is why Freeport withdrawing is so scary for me. Without the RSU, we wouldn’t have enough students to offer the competitive athletics our children need.

I urge you to vote no in November. Let’s finally put this issue to rest so we can move forward.

Sarah Heath St. Pierre


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