I have known Amy Volk on a very personal level so instead of writing about her various political positions, I want to tell you about her character. I want to tell you why Amy Volk should be our next senator.

Politics is a tough business. It takes a strong person to do it well and with integrity. Amy Volk has proven that she is tough but fair, and she does it all with grace and integrity. Amy has incredibly strong values and whether you always agree with her or not I think we can all agree that Maine, and America, would be better off if we had more legislators who maintain consistent family values.

You can be sure that Amy Volk will be the same person in the state Senate as she is in her personal life. There are no games, no masks and no misunderstanding with Amy Volk. She is woman of character and precisely who we need representing us in Augusta. I encourage you to vote for Amy Volk for state Senate.

Kim Samuelson


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