As a long-time resident of Scarborough, I am writing of my concerns for the upcoming elections for Town Council. I hope that people remember the ridiculous (in mine and others’ opinion) and financially fool hearty decision that a previous council made regarding actually giving beachfront land away to a business in Pine Point. Richard Sullivan and Shawn Babine were on the council at the time and voted in favor of this decision that deprived the town of some much needed revenue. One could easily make a list of other short-sighted votes that these two have cast and to see them returned to the Council would be a great disservice to the town. The way in which they respond to the public that approach the podium to speak (in their body language and evident disinterest if the speaker does not agree with their position) shows their arrogance and lack of concern for differing viewpoints. They are both currently running for seats – I will not be voting for them and I recommend that you do not vote for them either.

Joan Lourie


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