Tracy’s Karate-Ju-Jitsu students from the Yarmouth dojo recently participated in the 97th Karate Tournament and Awards Ceremony in Bucksport where approximately 250 competitors from all over Maine and Canada vied for grand championship trophies. Sensei Kristi Sarchi of Cumberland was promoted to 1st degree black belt after 6 years of training. Heather Kilcollins, Rogers Crowley, Afton Mick and Anna Siegel won the Best Attitude awards, Sensei Kristi Sarchi, Sensei Lauren Dawes, James Crowley and Noah Miller won the Most Improved awards, Justin Hobart, Caroline Tracy, Zack Travers and Gabe Whiting won the Most Dedicated awards, Joe and Lori Rice, Wendy Tracy, Marcia and Kevin Travers and Scott and Sarah Cass won the Most Supportive Parents award and Sensei Cameron Sarchi, Justin Dawes, Jeffrey Adey and Steven Cass won the Student of the Year awards.

Front row (left to right): Afton Mick, Julia Tracy, Malcolm Nelson, Steven Cass, James Crowley and Zack Travers.

Middle row: Caroline Tracy, Gracyn Mick, Sensei Lauren Dawes, Justin Dawes (two Grand Champion wins), Zach Turkel, Jeffrey Adey, Anna Siegel, Rogers Crowley, Gabe Whiting, Noah Miller and Megan Estabrook.

Back row: Sensei Kristy Dawes, Sensei Jenna Rice, Sensei John Dawes, Justin Hobart, Sensei Johnathan MacArthur (Grand Champion), Sensei Cameron Sarchi, Heather Kilcollins, Sensei Kristi Sarchi and Sensei Eric Tracy (Grand Champion).