Now is the time when you can plant both cold-weather seeds in the garden and warm-weather seeds indoors for transplanting outside later. It’s a sign warm weather is nearing/here.

Cucurbits – cucumbers, squash and melons – are the last seeds you plant inside. These seeds will sometimes do fine when planted directly outside, but if you start them inside, you get a jump on the season.

Plant them about a half-inch deep in soil mix in 2-inch pots. Keep them warm and give them plenty of light. They should sprout in about a week.

Cucurbits hate cold weather. Frost will kill them, but even temperatures in the 40s and 50s will slow them down. For that reason, wait until at least the second week in June before moving them outside.

Make sure they get plenty of water, and look forward to August, when you will be cool as a cucumber while enjoying the fruits of your labor.