Having a little party over the weekend? Gone are the days, thankfully, when you would run to the grocery store for a box of plain-jane factory-made crackers to serve with your spreads. We have artisanal everything now, so it was only a matter of time before bakers started putting their own twists on what (to me, anyway) is simply a delivery system for really good cheese.

A fine local example is the Buckwheat, Honey & Cranberries crisp made by The Maine Crisp Co. in Waterville. (There is also a blueberry version.) It’s a cross between a cracker and a thin, little-bit-crunchy toast embedded with fruit, nuts and seeds. The handmade crisps are made with as many Maine products as possible, including gluten-free buckwheat flour; raw, unfiltered honey; organic dried cranberries (or blueberries); and sea salt.

The buckwheat and honey give the crisps an earthy flavor that might grow a little boring if not for the occasional touch of sweetness, thanks to the fruit. I tried them with some creamy cheeses, and they were a perfect pairing.

The crisps are available at the Portland Food Co-op for $6.89 a package, which holds about 20 crisps, a little pricey for a big party. Treat yourself instead.

To learn where else they are sold, visit the company’s Facebook page.