I have a question: Who decides which projects the Maine Department of Transportation will waste money on? They go into a town or city and tell the residents that they are going to come in and take their property and destroy it “because they want to.”

One of the lastest “wastes” is deciding to put a rotary in Dayton at the intersection of routes 5 and 35. Anyone with any intelligence can see that this is not the best way to solve the problem. The “rep” said they will only have to remove one house. I guess he can’t count ”“ there are two houses, one garage and one gas station/convenience store and a fifth road just before the intersection. All would be affected because MDOT wants to waste money. If they are sincere about wanting to cut down on accidents, they should put in traffic lights. Stop whining that “it will cost money.”

What is their goal? Safety or throwing their weight around? Save the state’s money: Fire that bully.

Nancy Welch, Dayton