This is in response to a June 7 letter to the editor (“Ali deserves disease for avoiding draft? Appalling!”) written about an earlier letter criticizing the boxer Muhammad Ali for dodging the draft during the Vietnam era.

The letter writer, John Manderino, compared Ali, for refusing to serve, to former President George W. Bush, “who dodged the draft as well.”

Although I agree with Mr. Manderino’s sentiments in regard to his overall point about Ali, someone who chose to serve with the National Guard is hardly the same as someone who outright refused to serve at all.

The letter writer actually insulted all those men and women who did serve in the National Guard whether during the Vietnam era or at other times. Choosing to serve in the National Guard was an honorable choice and should not be compared to those who chose to hide or run away.

Furthermore, many people in the Guard were called up to active service during this conflict and most others, including Korea and Iraq. I knew a lot of people who chose to go the Guard route during the Vietnam era. We should all respect their service, including once and future politicians.

P.F. Sturdivant