Last Saturday I volunteered with others to clean up Riverbank Park in Westbrook.

Starting at 9 a.m. and finishing at 11:30, I picked up an estimated 4 pounds of cigarette butts.

I’ll give visitors to Riverbank the benefit of the doubt that they may not realize smoking on park property is not allowed.

Now, you may well say, “How the heck can you enforce a non-smoking rule?” Good question.

Most of the butts were along the edge of the road, where people park to rest, read the paper, eat lunch or whatever. Just put the butts in your car ashtray and the problem is solved.

Another spot for dropped butts is around the picnic tables and park benches and the Gazebo. Folks are going to choose to smoke, I know that, but they at least can tamp the butts out and take them home in their pockets .

For the sake of cleanliness at our public park, take your butts home.

Rose Marie Russell


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