When will Democratic leaders like U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree repudiate the usurpation of the democratic process that we have just seen in the primaries?

The coup that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton have just pulled off is no glitch in the system, but the full-blown theft of our right to vote, proven by the recovered emails.

If Democratic leaders like Pingree allow this to slide by, why bother to vote at all? The choices of Clinton and the DNC to guarantee the selection of the presidential candidate most amenable to corporate control should be condemned, along with the candidate who enabled this coup (for that is what it is), by any Democrat who claims to be “for the people.”

Certainly, this is as blatant a theft as any we’ve seen in the past. How about it, Pingree? Where is the repudiation of Clinton’s cheating tactics?

John Nichols