The Sept. 13 article about Molly Ringwald coming to Portland and endorsing Hillary Clinton as commander in chief and as a role model merits a rebuttal.

Clinton’s public response to Benghazi was to parade Susan Rice through all of the news programs and talk shows claiming the uprising was caused by a video, when she knew this was not true.

She emailed her daughter and told her the truth – it was a Muslim terrorist attack. The reason for the lie was the impending election.

Her explanation of her email problems was a complete fiasco as more and more emails were recovered and came back to bite her. The FBI admitted that she was “extremely careless” with her email. In my grandchildren’s lifetime, how she handled her email will be offered as a separate course in political science.

She watched while the Democratic National Committee rigged the convention, not daring to risk a fair election. She has reached the point where she never tells truth unless she is caught in a lie.

How could any reasonable person call her a role model? No wonder the ranks of the “deplorables” are growing rapidly.

Nick Pappas

Cape Elizabeth

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