This week we’ve been trying to keep up with fairs, festivals and all the fall frenzy Mainers are expert at creating annually.

For the past few years, we’ve not seen any fall-into-winter seasons like those of our childhood here in the northeast. I imagine it won’t be long before our “fall hurry up” will last until January. Fortunately, my memory is still with me and November always meant deer season around here, and that meant a dusting of snow on the nearly frozen ground. Good for tracking.

The last few “warm” winters have seen snowplows digging up mud along with the snow. If the weather continues to be warmer in winter, maybe the fall festivals could be extended. One thing that doesn’t change is the need to stay warm.

At the Lakes Region Senior Center at the Little Falls School in Gorham, the fall collection of mittens, hats and scarves is beginning for the little hands and heads of grade-school students. Members, relatives and friends are invited to donate these needed warm items. They can be knit, crochet or purchased. Last year the goal was to collect 100 items. Members and friends donated a total of 138 items. These items were divided between Windham and Gorham primary schools to be distributed by the teachers where needed.

The Pink Scarf Basket is still available for donations. These pink scarves are donated to Mercy Breast Cancer Center, for women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. An average of 20 new diagnosed patients is reported monthly. For more information, call Cheryl, 892-9879.

Got a favorite soup recipe? This might be a good time (and place) to share a recipe for some healthy stew or soup. Mail your recipe to [email protected] or Kay Soldier, 114 Tandberg Trail, Windham, ME 04062.

Finally, we’ll end this column with a correction. Last week we wrote about being careful with charitable donations and mentioned the Better Business Bureau Philanthropic Advisory Service. Before the column had been out on the stands, we got the following update from the BBB – please use this rather than the information from last week.

“The BBB Philanthropic Advisory Service is now the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. Our address has also changed; we are at 3033 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington. However, it would be better to direct people to our website at, where they can see reports on more than 11,000 national and local charities.”

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