Jonathan Kilbourn


Office Sought: Senator – District 34
Age: 62
Occupation: Environmental Business Consultant
Education: BA – Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Family: Married, 2 Children (27 & 30)
Hometown: Kennebunk

Political experience

Public service has always been a part of my life. I served 6 years on the MSAD 71 School Board and 3 years on the Board of a Kennebunk Light & Power. As the founding Executive Director of a community organization, I developed local food systems and land conservation solutions. I serve on the York County Selective Service Board, and I am a volunteer at Citizens Climate Lobby promoting the Carbon Fee & Dividend. I volunteer for “No Place Like Home” a community based group helping the elderly. A founding member of the Solar Association of Maine, I have also worked in community development and affordable housing. My business experience is important to successful public service. I recently served as a Regional Vice President of a large, publicly-traded environmental & agricultural services company, Casella Resource Solutions, where I worked for 26 years, with a BA degree (concentration in Political Science).

Why are you running for office?

Something’s amiss in York County. We need a change, while insisting on open government, honest debate, and “nothing but the facts”. Let’s all hold our leaders accountable to bipartisan, respectful problem-solving. Our working families, the elderly and poor face many challenges, after 20 years of bank and corporate scandals and bailouts and a recession at the expense of our once strong middle class, while those the top have continued to prosper.
We have great people, too many of whom don’t see pathways to success. Hard-working Mainers should be able to provide for themselves and their families with good jobs. Let’s improve skilled trade training opportunities from high school through community colleges. Our youth should be able to work their way through college, graduate debt-free, and find great jobs here. Better childcare access, affordable housing, MaineCare expansion, restored revenue sharing and property tax relief will help secure the health of our people and families. With a comprehensive and honest look, we could even fix our welfare system, eliminating cheating, and helping all Mainers to live to their highest potential, not falling into a culture of dependency.
York County is in danger of becoming “North Boston”. Let’s conserve our “world class” natural resources (rivers, lakes, forests, soils and ocean) for our children, while we use them sustainably to grow our forestry, fishing, farming and tourism industries. We must pass a comprehensive renewable energy policy that addresses climate change, gets us local jobs and is developed, manufactured and installed in Maine.

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