Eleanor Espling

banner-personalOffice Sought: Representative – District 65
Age: 43
Occupation: Self Employed
Education: Business Degree from the University of Southern Maine
Family: Married with Four Children
Hometown: New Gloucester

Political experience

I have served the people of Maine in the legislature for three terms as a state representative. Prior to that, I served on the town of New Gloucester’s Budget Committee and also served a term as chair of that committee. I currently serve on the New Gloucester Public Safety Committee. In my first two terms in the legislature, I served on the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee. I currently serve as the Assistant Republican Leader in the Maine House.

Why are you running for office?

The best ideas for making Maine a better place come from the friends and neighbors who live and work in this great state. My desire in running for office is, not to be an advocate for one issue, but to be an advocate for the issues important to the folks I represent. That means assisting them when they have a problem with a state matter, giving them tips on testifying before a committee, communicating helpful state information to constituents and submitting legislation on their behalf. The answers to some of Maine’s most pressing issues are out there if we just talk to each other and share ideas with one another. I hear a continued concern about the drug problem in our state. We must do more as a state to address enforcement, treatment and prevention over a long term, not just quick fixes. People are also concerned about welfare, making sure it is used appropriately and that it is serving those who need it well. I am also hearing the concern about increases in medical costs and food costs. In looking at state policy, we should avoid policies that pass the cost onto Mainers already struggling to pay their bills. I have lived in Maine most of my life, graduated from Maine schools and stayed in Maine to raise a family. Being able to serve the community and state I have loved my entire life is an honor. It’s a way to make Maine better for future generations of Mainers.


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