Joshua R. Plante


Office Sought: Representative – District 5
Age: 28
Occupation: Licensed Loan Officer; Evening Grocery Store Manager
Education: Bachelor’s in Communications, Minor Political Science (UNH ’10)
Family: Single
Hometown: Berwick

Political experience

I served in the 126th Legislature, representing Berwick and Lebanon (part). I was on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee.

I currently serve on the Berwick Board of Selectmen, after being elected in May 2015.

Why are you running for office?

Maine needs elected leaders to tackle the issues that confront our state. Mainers deserve to have state government fully fund 55% of education costs, which in turn will help lower the growing burden of increasing property taxes. Expanding the state’s Medicaid program will also help address healthcare costs in the state, while also helping to fund drug treatment centers to cure people of their opiate addictions.


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