Seth Berry


Office Sought: Representative – District 55
Age: 47
Occupation: Business VP
Education: MA, Columbia University; BA, Brown University
Family: Married to Adelaida Gaviria, two sons ages 12 and 14
Hometown: Bowdoinham

Political experience

State Representative for Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Richmond and Swan Island, 2006-2014
House Majority Leader and Co-Chair, Select Committee on Maine’s Workforce and Economic Future, 2012-2014
Lead Democrat, Taxation and House Elections Committees, 2010-2012
Assistant House Majority Leader, 2008-2010; Member, Utilities, Technology and Energy Committee, 2006-2008
Bowdoinham Selectboard, 2002-2006
Chair of Selectboard
Chair of Waterfront Planning Committee

Why are you running for office?

As a father and former educator now working in business, I see great potential in our state. Better leadership in Augusta can help us unlock that potential.

As a State Representative, I want to help us renew our pride in being from Maine. Growing up in Bowdoinham, I learned that we 1) always help our neighbors and 2) always leave things better than we found them. This ethic isn’t unique to Maine, but it is a big part of “the way life should be.” It’s part of our brand. I see this every day as I build markets for a growing Maine business. I want the leaders of our state to model these qualities, and to show our kids and the world who we really are.

I am also running because I want Maine to have more shared prosperity. I want to see stronger ladders of opportunity, so all 34 babies born here each day can enjoy the same basic early care and chance at success. I want to simplify and level our tax code, so we all pay our fair share. I want more clean and affordable energy, more investment in shared infrastructure and public space, better support for small business, and yes, a stronger safety net, including universal health care. The stronger our safety net, the higher we can aim in life.

Maine is a magical place. I am convinced that with better leadership, we can make our state better than ever.


Correction: This page was updated on Oct. 27 to correct Berry’s party affiliation. He is a Democrat, but had been incorrectly listed as a Green Independent.

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