Patricia Hymanson


Office Sought: Representative – District 4
Age: 59
Occupation: Maine State Representative, physician (neurologist)
Education: K-12 Yonkers, NY, Yale University, New York Medical College, training in NYC and Boston
Family: Married 28 years to Alan Hymanson, 3 young adult children raised in York
Hometown: York

Political experience

When patients of mine were in trouble with their medications, I wrote and submitted a bill in Maine, testified and showed up at hearings in Augusta, to advocate for my patients. The citizens of York voted me in as a York School Committee member twice, and the Committee voted me as Chairperson. I have served as Maine delegate to the American Academy of Neurology in US Congress for the recent 5 years. I am running for re-election to the District 4 Representative seat. My work has been bi-partisan, thoughtful, informed, and diligent.

Why are you running for office?

The title of this position is “representative”. I have lived in this district for 30 years, raised 3 children here, been elected to the York school board twice, several years as chair, owned a medical practice small business and took care of 1000’s of people on the Seacoast over 26 years, started several Seacoast non-profit organizations, on the board of others. When I vote “yes” or “no” for a bill to become law, I think of what my constituents have told me in these capacities and as I go door-to-door, having knocked on the doors of 1500 or so homes, what I have learned by being an active part of the community I enjoy, what I have heard from people here in my district when they have called, emailed, or written me.

The other part of the position is being a physician and representative on the Joint Committee of Health and Human Services, one of the busiest and toughest committees in the legislature. I am running for re-election because I have the right skills, the legislative experience, and I will represent the interests of York west of 95, western Wells, south Sanford, and all of Ogunquit. Also, I have enjoyed the challenge and have more to give as a public servant.


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