Do you think the town is investing enough money in economic development? Why or why not?

Is the town spending enough money on economic development is a great question to someone who just stuck his head out of a small world of keeping our kids through school. As I see things right now, I would have to say no they are not. This town is small and could use a good shot in the arm of grow with some business that could help this town grow. So it should be understood that in order to grow our economy we would need to spend money to increase our development. I am aware of at least a couple of grants that require local matching funds aimed at addressing economic development in the downtown and blight impacted areas of town. This is a key topic of the TC to invest in Economic development and I would continue to support growth to attract new businesses and home owners to Lisbon.

Do you think the town council should support a higher school budget or continue to hold the line on or cut the tax-generated funds that support education in Lisbon? Explain the answer.

No the town should not cut tax-generated funding that support education in Lisbon. Our children are what we need to help this town grow and become a greater place to live. So investing in our schools is investing in our future. Educating our young ones to be competitive with the world needs to be a main priority for this town because without them this town becomes even more of a “sleeper” town. So I do believe that it should at least maintain what it is at and increase or decrease as needed. I also believe we need to have budgets that even the most common of people, like my self be able to read and understand where OUR money goes.

What can you contribute to the town as a town councilor if elected?

What could I contribute as a town councilor; to start my wife and I are invested locally in our Sports Athletic boosters, and other activities. Then we can add that after 12 years of Army service and then an additional 14 years as a corrections officer I would say that I have learned ways to solve problems in many different ways. Being able to look outside the box and see what may work better in different situations. I want to see this town come back together with honest compromise and dialogue. I prefer to have a direct approach in dealing with things where I identify a need. I feel this is suited to how I would work on the Town Council. So being new at this I may not always know the right answer to a question, but I will either get the right one or be sure to direct them to who can or get the answer working with staff or others. Being that my family has only been a resident in this town for 15 years we have not major roots here but have made Lisbon our home. Being able to see the bigger picture and not be narrow minded on many topics makes for an easier discussion when at the table. No decisions are made lightly or quickly because I feel that it makes for mistakes.

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