Do you think the town is investing enough money in economic development? Why or why not?

I feel that the town needs to invest in itself in order to be inviting to businesses that are contemplating moving to our town. We have to work on the appearance and the infrastructure of the town so that when businesses move here, it would take some of the tax burden off of the residents. I would like to find an equal line between commercial development and staying true to the roots of the town.

Do you think the town council should support a higher school budget or continue to hold the line on or cut the tax-generated funds that support education in Lisbon? Explain the answer.

Our children’s education is something that I don’t feel we should gamble with. Having two children that will be in the school system here makes it a very personal issue for me. These are the future business owners and workers of our country and to short change them intellectually or creatively would not be setting them up to succeed. In today’s society the children of now would benefit from technology, trades and the arts. They teach children to think more creatively and out of the box. I am truly impressed with the accomplishments of the students here with the lack of supplies, time, and staff that we currently have.

What can you contribute to the town as a town councilor of elected?

My personal contribution would be that my constituents would be having their voice heard. I did not grow up here in town and I do not have lifelong alliances with people or businesses in the area. In the past there have been incidents where the resident’s cries have been completely ignored in favor of a personal gain. As a veteran and former law enforcement, I simply cannot sit back and let that happen any longer. I would do what the residents want me to do even if it goes against my personal beliefs. I want to help make this town the best that it can be, and help make sure that it is controlled by the townspeople.

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