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General Contact Information

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To ask a question or report a problem with either our ePaper or website, please email us at

Subscription & Delivery Inquiries
To ask a question or report a problem with your subscription or delivery email or call (207) 504-8224.

General Business Inquiries
Call us at (207) 729-3311 during business hours (8:30am to 5pm) or leave a message.

News & Advertising Department Address:
295 Gannett Drive
South Portland, Maine 04106


Nick McCrea, Editor
Nation, World, Special Sections, Calendar, Ticket, Worship
Connect with Nick:
(207) 504-8222

Bill Stewart, Executive Sports editor
Connect with Bill:
(207) 621-5640

Kristian Moravec
Brunswick and Bath
Connect with Kristian:
(207) 504-8216

Isabella Slocum
Harpswell, Phippsburg, Woolwich, Wiscasset
Connect with Isabella:
(207) 689-2891


For display advertising

Call (207) 504-8270 or email Dennis Gears
Office hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Fax: (207) 725-8619

For Classified advertising

Call (207) 729-3311 or email

Office hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm

Dennis Gears, Midcoast Sales Director
Contact Dennis:
(207) 504-8270 (o)

Mark Shipsey, Senior Advertising Consultant
Covering: Brunswick
Contact Mark:
(207) 207-504-8254 (o)
(615) 268-3380 (c)

Dennis Gears, Advertising Consultant
Covering: Topsham, Lisbon, Freeport, Harpswell
Contact Dennis:
(207) 504-8270 (o)

Michelle Bickford, Advertising Consultant
Covering: Bath, Woolwich, Phippsburg, Lincoln County
Contact Michelle:
(207) 504-8234 (o)
(207) 841-2631 (c)

ePaper Questions

Q. Why is a login required to access the ePaper?
A. To validate you as a subscriber, an initial login is only required once on each device or browser. You’ll need to use the same email and password you use for the website.

Q. What tools are available to customize my reading experience?
A. The Main Menu () in the upper right corner opens to access a full list of options, sections, and settings for your ePaper.

Navigate through the ePaper using the arrow icons (< >) in the top center or on the sides, swiping left or right on your touchscreen, or by using the Pages button in the lower left corner.

You may set your View Options using the arrows button next to the title on the upper left, letting you adjust how pages are displayed.

Q. How do I best navigate page to page?
A. You can swipe left or right and/or use the arrow buttons to turn pages. If you are zoomed in, use the page navigation at the bottom of the page or the arrows at the very top of the black bar to page through.

Q. Why is the page/article blurry?
A. Blurriness is often caused by the page loading. Give it a few seconds to load fully.

Q. How do I find previous days’ papers?
A. Use the archive link on the top right to find the date, organized by month. It will load in place of the current edition.


Q. Why am I being redirected to when looking for stories from The Times Record?
A. The content from The Times Record resides within, given its geographical relevance.

Q. Why doesn’t Times Record have its own website?
A. The streamlined website enables us to support and maintain independent newsrooms that are guided by the news judgment of local editors. We are committed to quality, local journalism, and coverage in our daily and weekly publications and ePapers.

Q. Do I have to pay to read The Times Record online?
A. Yes, Times Record digital subscriptions give you statewide access to our websites and ePapers. Home delivery of the Times Record includes digital benefits.

Q. How can I find stories from The Times Record easily on
A. You may navigate directly to both archival and live content from each publication in a number of ways including top navigation, news navigation, and content promotion on the home page and throughout the site.

Q. What are the subscription options for the Times Record?
A: Within our home-delivery area we deliver 4-days (Tuesday – Friday) per week. For those not interested in receiving home-delivery service or those outside our print delivery area can sign up for a Digital Only subscription, which provides unlimited digital access to the Times Record, Portland Press Herald and weekly community publications. This includes ePapers and apps for your mobile device.Sign up here, send an email to or call Customer Service at (207) 504-8224.

Q. How do I subscribe to the Times Record?
A: Visit

Q. How do I manage my Times Record subscription account online?
A: YourTimes Record account enables you to view, manage and change all aspects of your subscription.
Change your email or password.
Submit a delivery complaint.
Schedule a vacation hold.