Volunteers of America Northern New England is thrilled to be the recipient of a Housing for Everyone grant from TD Charitable Foundation. We were delighted to see the news coverage Dec. 18, and we’d like to add some more information.

We will be breaking ground for Cabin in the Woods in the spring of 2017, and expect cabins to be ready for occupancy in the late fall. There will be case management services available to residents during normal business hours.

Recent news has been full of inspiring stories of veterans who have found the homes and resources they need to engage in a productive and healthy life, but there remains a population of veterans who rarely make the headlines.

Our Cabin in the Woods community is for the women and men who served and have not been able to make a smooth transition home. It’s for those who might have knowledge that there are resources available to them, but have no idea how to get into the system. They lack a street address. They lack transportation. In some cases, they lack any form of identification.

Not only will Cabin in the Woods provide voucher-eligible homes for veterans and their families, we will also have services coordination available to assist with benefits research, setting up transportation to medical appointments, tracking down necessary documentation and introducing vets into the Veterans Affairs system. In fact, this community will be within walking distance of the Togus VA campus in Chelsea.

We look for every chance we can find to tell the world about Cabin in the Woods and our other programs. The tremendous response we have gotten reaffirms our resolve to continue reaching out to those in need to help them rebuild their lives.

To learn more or to make a donation to help build this transformative community, visit voanne.org/cabin-in-the-woods or call 373-1140.

June Koegel

president and CEO, Volunteers of America Northern New England


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