Regarding Obamacare, Republican members of Congress are ready. The plan: Repeal the program entirely in January, but delay implementing that repeal for at least three years.

The cynicism driving this plan couldn’t be more transparent. By delaying implementation, Republicans get to boast about ending Obamacare – red meat to their most radical constituents – without having to promote or defend the replacement solution they’ve refused to create.

Here’s the truly sleazy part: If they successfully repeal, they’ll “reach out to Democrats in a spirit of bipartisan cooperation” for help in crafting a new solution. Then they’ll blame any Democrats who don’t play along with their scam.

Listen up, Republicans: If you repeal Obamacare, you own it and no one else. If you don’t have a replacement plan ready, that’s on you and no one else.

You don’t get to point the airplane at the ground and then cry for help to prevent the crash. The impending disaster is on you. No Democrats or independents worth their salt will help you so you can smell like roses.

News flash: The vast majority of Americans – a whopping 74 percent, according to a recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll – do not want Obamacare repealed.

Half of the country (49 percent) wants Obamacare to remain as it is today or be expanded.

Ignoring the will of 74 percent of the American people? So much for being “representatives.”

Maine Republican leaders: If you support your colleagues’ cynical plan, expect support for you in your next election to plummet.

Maine Democratic and independent leaders: Don’t heed Republicans’ hypocritical calls for bipartisan support in crafting an Affordable Care Act replacement or we, the voters, will hold you accountable. We’ll be watching to see if you resist, or if you cave, and we will remember in 2018.

Cory McCulloch


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