While most of us are huddled inside during a snowstorm Thomas Kennie is not. He is outside, driving the roads of Buxton.

Kennie has been driving snowplows in the town for 16 years and is now the public works director. He is in charge of a team of eight employees who plow snow in the winter, cut down trees during the summer, and do a variety of other tasks that keep the town of Buxton running smoothly.

Kennie drives 120 miles of road on any given plow day. He said his favorite part of the job is helping people out, whether plowing the road so an emergency response vehicle can get to someone who needs help, or getting a driver unstuck from the snow. Moments like those help make up for the downside of Kennie’s job – the hours.

Kennie has missed many a family holiday gathering because of wintry weather, including this past Christmas Eve. “Just as all of our family was walking in the door for Christmas Eve, I was walking out the door,” Kennie said.

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