Thank you so much in advance for hearing my opinion and request to support a to be numbered State of Maine bill entitled “An Act to Protect and Expand Access to Solar Power In Maine,” sponsored by Rep. Seth Berry.

After reading through material regarding the bill, it strikes me as a practical continuation and mprovement for the solar power industry here in Maine. I have always thought the future power grid  
breakthrough will be from solar; an unlimited clean source of power that only needs technology to improve to harness this unlimited resource.  

Sitting around and waiting for that technology will result in nothing; it takes effort and investment of time and money to eventually bring this technology to the front of the energy picture.  Rolling back net metering takes away a powerful incentive from small investors and individuals who provide the  
necessary pioneering for the solar industry.  

We cannot simply stand by and let existing power players cling on to their old way of doing things at the expense of future innovation and progress simply to maintain profits. It seems to me that ndividuals should have the freedom to sell back any existing surplus of power.  

Anything else starts to sound simply as obstructionism in regards to technological progress and large companies bilking individuals.

Thank you for your time in considering my thoughts.

Bob Thurm