Supporters of the Republican tax scam, like Sen. Susan Collins, would have you believe that it simplifies the tax code. It doesn’t. It adds hundreds of pages of new regulations to help billionaires and corporations.

There are new special regulations to help “pass-through” professional corporations, and others to help so-called “C corporations,” and help for owners of private jets and for-profit “universities.” They also cut or scaled back all sorts of deductions that many people use, such as for donations to charities, for state and local taxes and a bunch of others.

The lion’s share of these tax cuts – which are projected to explode the deficit – will go to billionaires and corporations. (In case you hadn’t heard, many big multinational corporations, which employ armies of tax accountants and lawyers, have managed to dodge taxes entirely.)

I don’t mind paying my fair share of taxes, but it bothers me that most middle-class people, like myself, have effectively not gotten a real raise in over 30 years. All the gains from our economy have gone to the wealthy.

Why do Republicans care only about wealthy donors and corporations? It just makes me wonder why anyone who isn’t a millionaire would ever vote for a Republican.

I always thought Sen. Collins was a moderate, but now it’s obvious she is putting a “win” for her party before the interests of her constituents. Our children and grandchildren will be paying for these increases to the deficit.

Samuel Winch