We have a unique chance to dance back from the cliff the state has been on the edge of during the last seven years. Those are seven years where the working class and those in need of governmental assistance have not participated in what little progress has been made economically. The millions of dollars we have left on the table in the Medicaid expansion have crippled our hospitals and hurt many working moderate-income citizens economically.

I want to make sure that the candidate I elect to repair this has the ability and the desire to bring those who have been economically disadvantaged into the fold.

I don’t have to guess where Mark Eves stands. The Democratic candidate for the nomination for governor has an eight-year legislative record, including his term as speaker of the House. He was at the forefront of assisting those less fortunate, as well as the underserved elderly.

In addition, Mark has the legislative experience to know how to reach across party lines.

We have a great state that is having trouble holding on to its youth to work and live here. My sense is that Mark can provide the economic and moral leadership to lead our young potential workforce to want to be here.

Michael Asen


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