I am an independent voter in Freeport and am encouraging all other independents and undecided voters to help elect Democrat Janet Mills as governor this November.

Supporting Janet is not a difficult decision. Like all independents, I researched the other candidates and easily concluded objectively that Janet has far more experience than anyone else in the race.

I’ve also known Janet since her election to the Legislature in 2002. While in the Legislature, she championed measures on health care, economic development, jobs, education, the environment and assisting our veterans. And she proved to be one of the most effective legislators by getting a majority of her proposals enacted into law. She knows how to collaborate with others to balance a budget and turn ideas into law, and she is good at it.

Since becoming state attorney general, Janet has shown her character by fighting for the people of Maine and resisting reactionary and harmful initiatives of our current governor.

If you are an independent or an undecided voter, do your own research on Janet’s record. I’m sure you will find that her experience and her character make her the best choice to be Maine’s next governor.

Patrick Norton


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