Balentine finds fault
in the wrong place

Sadly, again, I am writing to state my disdain for columnist John Balentine, who has found the tone of American politics in his view to be mostly the fault of resisting Democrats and renowned reporters like Bob Woodward. They are, in his words, “trumping up every story.” If I were him I wouldn’t sully the image of Walter Cronkite by assuming he would be delivering today’s news without taking note of who is in the White House and reporting it as if calmness is the way it should be reported. Can Balentine really ignore Trump, the real sickness at the top, the person he fails to even mention in any negative light? Sad.

Ray Monahan

Progressives waging
assault on Kavanaugh

So far, the progressives (socialists, communists, Democrats and some Republicans) have attacked the Bill of Rights with all the enthusiasm of crazed predators.

To date the combination of main street media; progressive congressmen and senators; academics and student activists; rent-a-mobs and wealthy financiers; judicial activists; and activist entertainment and sports millionaires have seriously undermined many key elements of the Constitution as written.

The freedoms of speech, religion and assembly; the right to bear arms; prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizers. Private property killed by EPA regulations, state and local regulations and zoning. Warrants have become fishing expeditions with license for “unreasonable search and seizures.”

The progressives are now in all-out assault mode on due process and the 6th Amendment in the mob lynching of Judge Kavanaugh. The progressives are pushing an accusation as if it is proof positive of guilt. Progressive senators say that Ms. Ford is incapable of having a faulty memory or telling a lie, that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty because he is a man and therefore incapable of telling the truth. The progressives want the accused to present his defense without knowing the specific charge and before the accuser presents her charges. Additionally, the accused is denied legal representation and lastly removal of the locus prescribed by the Constitution from Maryland, where the alleged crime was committed, to a star chamber in the Senate.

We need to elect people who will put the Constitution before politics, so that the rule of law will not degenerate into Inquisitions and Medieval trials by fire.

Jock MacGregor

Police officer grateful
to Fay for assistance

I am writing today in support of State Rep. Jessica Fay. I am a resident in the town of Casco and an active police officer and canine handler.

I contacted Rep. Fay recently with a bill proposal. She listened to my dilemma, read my proposal and immediately began working diligently with me and as this bill moved through the legislative session. She kept me informed and involved to be sure this bill remained worded the way it was intended.

I cannot fully express my gratitude to Rep. Fay for her support and assistance. She is truly kind, caring, knowledgeable and determined, and is most certainly looking out for the good of the residents of the state of Maine and her constituents.

Michelle Cole

Espling best candidate
for Senate District 20

The Honorable Ellie Espling is a powerful candidate for Maine Senate District 20 and I hope that people support her bid for Senate the way that she has supported the people of her Maine House District 65. I live in Portland, which is not her district, but Ellie is my “go-to-person” when I have a question or need from our legislators. She has always been receptive, filled with ideas and information, and takes the time to listen to all voters, not just “her people” so that she can make well-directed and intelligent choices for us all.

I am proud to serve on many committees with Ellie at the state and national level where we have focused our attention on women in government. Ellie and I have co-chaired SheLeads, whose mission is to identify, recruit, train and support women for all elected offices in Maine. This program is so successful that our National Federation of Republican Women has recognized and recommended it. Espling is our National Committee Woman and she is keeping an eye and ear on national issues that may be of interest in Maine.

Please support Ellie Espling in her bid for Maine Senate, she is the best candidate and we will all be well-served.

Barbara Campbell Harvey
Secretary, ME GOP
Treasurer, Maine Federation of Republican Women
Co-chair of SheLeads

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