When Amy Volk told her husband that she wanted to run for the Maine Legislature his first words were, “Are you crazy? Who would want to do that?” Her response was one sentences that speaks volumes about her. She said, “I really think I can make a difference.”

Volk felt she could make a difference. Is she in it for the fame? No, believe it or not, Volk actually does not like to be the center of attention. She often finds it awkward and embarrassing. Is she in it for the money? Ha ha, that is laughable. State senators, especially those who work tirelessly like Volk does, make so little that if they were in a foreign country we would accuse that country of human rights violations. Add up the hours she puts into her job and she probably makes about $0.07 per hour and that is not an exaggeration.

Volk does what she does because she wants to help all Mainers improve their lives. And I can tell you, she has certainly done that. Her district and the entire state of Maine are better off because she decided to make a difference.

In November, help Amy Volk continue to make a positive difference by re-electing her to the Senate.

Kim Samuelson

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