It is disheartening to witness national party line politics seep into Maine state politics with parties spending more time digging in on “their” side than focusing on serving constituents and addressing problems facing us all. When Anne Gass announced running as an independent for House District 67, I was not surprised.

In my many discussions with Anne over the years, I have found her deeply engaged in our community. She is knowledgeable about issues at the local and state level, but never stops seeking ways to learn more. She is willing to talk to anyone about any topic and always starts by listening.

In group discussions, she is always quick to point out a good idea or a different way of looking at things. Her professional and volunteer work has given her a strong problem-solving skill set, understanding of state policies, helped her build a network of resources and created a long record of accomplishments.

Anne understands the new approaches to critical issues – such as traffic management/safety, housing and broadband expansion – and available funding mechanisms to assist with addressing them. This will make Anne a strong advocate for her constituents, ensuring we have a seat at the table in Augusta. She looks forward to working collaboratively with other representatives to get things done. Anne has strong values and will fight for them; but is a true independent and understands the best solution is often a combination of ideas and approaches. I hope you join me in voting for Anne Gass.

Sandy Carder
Town councilor, Gray

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