As a former teacher, I have known Shawn Moody since he was one of my students at Gorham High School. Having grown my own company in Gorham over the past 30 years, I have also worked with Shawn as a peer in our close-knit business community, where he is known for his positivity, his leadership and his commitment to giving back.

Nowhere has his commitment been more visible than in Gorham’s schools. For the past seven years, Shawn and I have served together on Gorham Schools’ Business Roundtable where he has rallied local businesses to support our students and their needs.

Shawn led the charge to create a new position working with local businesses to cultivate career opportunities for students. Shawn was the chief advocate, presenting the case not only to the School Committee but also to the town’s Economic Development Committee and to the Town Council. Shawn felt so passionately about this opportunity to create positive impact for students, he sought commitments from local businesses to pitch in to help fund it. Through his advocacy, the new role was established and is now connecting students to career opportunities.

Having spoken alongside Shawn in school assemblies, I have seen firsthand how his example inspires students. He connects with them and they can sense how much he cares about their success.

Shawn Moody has always put students first and I know he will continue to do so as governor.

Demetria Chadbourne


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