Jennie Butler and I have known each other for almost seven years. Through this time, I have been involved with her at St. Ann’s Episcopal Church through a Neighborhood Faith Sharing group and a discernment committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. She is a woman of faith with a servant heart. Jennie recruited my family to join the Down East Ski Club two years ago. She has been an active member of the Down East Ski Club for many years and has held various leadership positions. I know that Jennie would be an excellent state representative for District 25. She is passionate and determined when it comes to key issues that our town is currently struggling with.

Although I didn’t know Jennie as a teacher at Windham High School, I have two young school-aged children and I feel confident that Jennie will initiate much needed change in our public educational system. Jennie understands that it takes more than just showing up to get the job done, she is someone that you can count on to follow through and work selflessly to get positive results.

Judy Dickson

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