In our lifetime we set goals that we work consistently toward. Goals, however, are seldom accomplished single-handedly. If we are fortunate, good and caring people assist in “staying the course” that leads to the full realization of victory!

One of my favorite sayings comes from our Sabathday Lake Shaker Society: “The more the hands the lighter the work.” How true these words are and how much this saying plays in a successful outcome. At this time of year as we reflect on our blessings with our family and friends, I want to thank you for your support in my jaunt for re-election to the Maine State House of Representatives. Each of you impacted the final tally and the winning” results.

I am excited for this honor to continue to serve you and represent our House District 67. We will face difficult and challenging issues for certain, but I am set to continually engage in moving Maine forward.

My best wishes to you for a blessed, joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas season with those you love and hold dear.

Rep. Sue Austin, R-Gray