I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and acknowledgement to PitStop Fuels and their manager, Aimee Carlson, for their quick response to a serious situation that developed unexpectedly for one of my constituents.

Early one recent morning when the temperature had dropped below zero the night before, I received a desperate call from a woman who had run out of heating fuel and her furnace was off. Even though she was a customer of PitStop there had been a miscommunication as to her status as an “automatic refill” customer, and due to that misunderstanding there was no automatic refill.

Often times companies the size of PitStop would be structured with strict regulations, not able to “adjust” to individual circumstances. It took one call to Manager Aimee Carlson explaining the situation and she reassured me she would take care of the problem and get the needed fuel to the house immediately. And she did just that.

On behalf of my constituents, “thank you” PitStop Fuels for being flexible and for putting your customers first.

Sen. Bill Diamond

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