Like many Mainers, when I open my invoices from Central Maine Power now I get terrible shocks. It seems that no CMP bill is safe to touch, EVAH!

I know that I am not alone in my outrage over skyrocketing costs. CMP’s response is generally the same to anyone who inquires about their larger-than-normal bill: There must be a problem with an appliance that is suddenly creating this large spike in electrical use. That’s difficult to believe, since it’s happening to ratepayers statewide.

Rep. Seth Berry is sponsoring legislation for a consumer-owned utility. I encourage you to read more about this effort and to consider contacting your legislators to ask them to co-sponsor the bill. The Facebook group CMP Ratepayers Unite is also a good resource to remain informed about this issue.

Maine officials want to attract people to live and work in our state. Excessive utility prices are another obstacle to this goal. But if anyone does wish to relocate to Maine, we’ll leave the light on for you. As long as we can afford it.

Susan Goodwin

Kittery Point

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