Over the past few months, I’ve been trying to figure out what they actually do at the State House in Augusta.

First, it was a proposal that all vehicles must have snow tires; then it was “Change the license plate from ‘Vacationland’ to ‘Staycationland.’ ” (Both have since been withdrawn.)

Next was “let’s go back to the state’s earlier flag” (a proposal killed in committee). Wow! It must be a slow season in Augusta, or there is absolutely nothing to do there because everything is great. Maybe there are too many people trying to do this work in Augusta and they should have half as many people there.

I have some ideas:

• Let the politicians pay for every vehicle in the state to be fitted with snow tires; the money from this can come from their salaries. If taxpayers are going to pay people to do stuff as stupid as this, they can foot the bill for a change!

• Let’s go back back to the old yellow license places used in the 1960s. If you are a Maine native, you can get this license plate. The money from this plate can be used by Maine-based nonprofit groups.

• As to the state flag, have you seen the old one? It’s a white flag with a pine tree and a star on it. Wow! That took some thought. Did the politicians in 1901 come up with that one?

Leon Tsomides

Old Orchard Beach

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