Sens. Susan Collins and Angus King, and U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, must do everything in their power to reverse Attorney General William Barr’s order to direct immigration judges to deny bail to migrants.

When this comes into effect, in 90 days, it will further undermine the basic rights of people seeking safety in the United States. The Trump administration continues to show that they are cruel and determined to consider asylum seekers and immigrants as less than people – and it is disturbing, wrong and something our members of Congress need to fight continually.

Asylum seekers are coming to the country to be safe from threats in their home countries, whether from domestic violence, gang violence, religious persecution or other systemic issues. President Trump’s actions continue to show that he is a dangerous, xenophobic and bigoted person who will do all he can to inflict violence on others, and he must be stopped.

Our members of Congress must tell us how they will prevent these cruel measures that would keep asylum seekers jailed indefinitely, and they must propose or support legislation that will help protect immigrants’ rights. It is not enough to speak out against bigotry – we must take action.

Emily Connelly


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