In the June 20 issue of the American Journal, I was misquoted in the article concerning the request for assistance for asylum  seekers. I was accurately quoted as stating at the special meeting called to discuss this issue that I love living in Westbrook because it has been supportive of refugees coming to our area. However, I was then quoted as saying that Strimling is passing his problems to us and asking Wesbrook to to take the same burden as Portland. I heard someone say that, but it definitely was not me. In fact, I don’t believe that is a true statement. I actually said that I would be willing to have some of my taxes go to support our new neighbors, but that I knew not everyone could afford to do that. Then I listed some possible ways that the asylum seekers could be helped that would not cost much, such as opening our schools in the summer for housing or to bring kids to the gyms to play. The city could also figure out an easy way for people to make personal donations and to volunteer in other ways.
Kim Matthews

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