It has become apparent that the cave in which John Balentine resides is devoid not only of information, but of color.  In his black-and-white world, any thoughtful citizen who criticizes what can be improved in this nation is labeled a “hater,” capitalism will save humanity (no adjustments allowed), and Democrats offer nothing but doom and gloom.

It is rather patriotic and quite American to criticize what needs to be improved in this country, and our very system encourages it.  Democrats have indeed criticized President Obama, and we’ll do so for whomever requires our input, because we expect better from our leaders and lawmakers.  Take a look around and think about this: The opposite of capitalism isn’t socialism, it is democracy (a concept for which capitalism allows little room), and this country still has enormous potential to get it right.  So cheer up, John, and take a break from your negativity.

Jim Corbin

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