BUXTON — Bonny Eagle is introducing a variety of new educational programs, including an expansion of the school’s Chinese program, which will move from an immersion model to an exploratory model and will now be available at both the elementary and middle schools. In addition, the middle school is introducing a clan structure with three different content areas: traditional, outdoor education and STEM. Students have chosen the theme they feel will work best for them.

High school principal Lori Napolitano has moved to the position of assistant superintendent and Mike Johnson has filled her position. Tim Vacchiano, formerly the assistant principal at the middle school, is now the principal of Edna Libby. The district has hired Mel Craig as dean of students. Katie Vetro is the new assistant principal for both George E Jack and Hollis, while Clay Gleason will serve as principal at George E Jack.

Regarding the future of Steep Falls Elementary School, which the district considered closing earlier this year, Superintendent Paul Penna said the district would like to “get some community input. We want to hear from the community about what they want. That will help drive what happens next.”

School will start on Aug. 28 for students entering pre-kindergarten through grade 6 as well as students entering 9th grade. All other grades will start school on Aug. 29.

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