Dr. Pease’s column in Tuesday’s Journal Tribune hit the nail on the head.
Studying the history of the Greek and Roman republics should be mandatory in American classrooms.  Unfortunately, our failed public education system has indoctrinated three generations of Socialist lemmings who just cannot fathom the lessons of history.  (When did high schoolers stop reading “Animal Farm”, “1984”, “Brave New World”, and “Fahrenheit 451”?  Does anyone read Ayn Rand anymore?)
Dr. Pease’s warnings will fall on mostly deaf ears.  Liberals are incapable of learning from history.  (“If we just give Socialism a chance, this time we’ll get it right!”)   And the Democrats pander to them shamelessly with promises of “free stuff” in exchange for votes.  Goodbye, Liberty.  Hello, Misery.
Our only hope – and the salvation of the Dependent Class – is a Republican landslide in the House, Senate, and White House in 2020.
Rufus T. Firefly