Understanding the beneficial properties of CBD (which stands for cannabidiol) means understanding that it does not contain THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.

So know that the CBD products that are intended for use in pain management and healing are not going to cause either humans or their pets to “get high.”

Then what exactly are the benefits produced by the holistic use of these products, particularly for your pets?

Well, the researchers who have been studying this topic are have identified some of the key benefits they’ve discovered – and pet owners who are dedicated to their furry friends’ wellness will surely want to be aware of them.

Here are some of the key things you should know about the benefits of using CBD oil for your pet’s health. Many of these benefits have also been shown to apply to humans, as well.

Does  your dog suffer from epilepsy?  It’s estimated that as many as 5 percent of all dog breeds do – and studies have shown that CBD oil has been effective in treating drug-resistant epilepsy.

It is also a safer treatment choice than the drugs that have traditionally been used for epilepsy seizures, such as potassium bromide and phenobarbital, which can cause damage to the liver and other vital organs.

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Does your dog have cancer? The anti-tumor benefits of CBD for humans with cancer have been shown to extend to canines also. How does CBD do this? By killing some cancer cells and preventing others from growing.

It also appears to increase the efficacy of any conventional cancer treatments being used.

CBD can be used to reduce anxiety. Thunderstorms and fireworks can send some dogs into a state of panic or anxiety and searching for the nearest bed to crawl under. And many dogs suffer from anxiety when separated from their humans.

Studies show that CBD oil, which has been successfully used to treat PTSD symptoms in humans, also reduces the stress and anxiety from which many pets may suffer.

The pain relief properties of CBD oil are very encouraging. Whether it’s pain caused by nerve damage, inflammation or disease, CBD has been so successful in relieving pain that researchers are considering adding pharmaceutical CBD products as a new class of drugs.

CBD can help to keep your pet heart-healthy. It has been shown to have several cardiovascular benefits, including reducing blood pressure, reducing heart rate, dilating the arteries, protecting blood vessels from damage, and reducing damage caused by cardiac arrhythmia.

What if your dog won’t eat? One frustration shared by many pet owners is a sudden or troubling loss of appetite in their pet – but CBD oil can help if this occurs.

It can also help relieve any vomiting or nausea that your pet might be experiencing, which was discovered by doctors when treating cancer patients.

The discovery and identification of the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil and products continue to grow, and the public awareness of these benefits is growing right along with it. By taking a little time to learn more about how CBD can benefit your pets, you might be adding significantly to their quality of life, and yours.

By Nancy Fickett

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