PORTLAND — The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has reported that the emerald ash borer, a destructive forest insect, has been found on a trap in the city.

An initial review did not reveal additional signs of the insect, but more surveys are planned during the insect’s dormant period. The Maine Forest Service will issue a stop movement order on ash trees, ash wood, and all hardwood firewood from Portland and towns within a 10-mile buffer.

The beetle is about half an inch thick and metallic green. Its larvae tunnel through ash trees and can kill even healthy trees in four to five years. Tens of millions of trees across the country have been killed.

The city plans to monitor for expansion of the infestation with the Maine DACF and local conservation groups and will prioritize treatment and removal of infested ash.

More information about emerald ash borer is available at www.maine.gov/eab.