Boomberg should be Democratic presidential nominee

To the editor,

On Feb. 3rd, my wife and I went up to Scarborough to see Mayor Mike Bloomberg speak at his new campaign headquarters. I am convinced that he is the Democratic candidate that can free us from the rampant incompetence of the current administration.

Mike is everything Trump is not — facts over fiction, a doer not a talker, a uniter not a divider, a pragmatist not a partisan, calm leadership over hysteria. He understands that to make any real progress, we need to set aside our differences and work together. He’ll follow the data and respect the science. He’ll tell it like it is, not come up with alternative facts. He’s done it as Mayor of New York, as a businessman, and as a philanthropist, and he’ll do it as president.

Mike believes leadership starts with integrity, and he will lead based on his core values. He will return our country to sanity, honesty, inclusion, compassion and human decency. That is how to make America great again.

Mike Swanton

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