Social distancing is ever-present

To the editor,

A month ago the word social distancing wasn’t even a word in our vocabulary now it will probably be added to the Webster dictionary. For those who do not know what a Webster Dictionary is look it up on Wikipedia. According to Isaac Newton’s third law of physics “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Social distancing has caused just that by pushing us away from others and bringing us closer to ourselves. More people are working from home, eating together as a family, playing board games without getting bored and generally getting along with our spouses and children.

Our pets love it and we are reaching out to neighbors, who we haven’t spoken to in years, and asking them it they “need anything.” I don’t know about you, but I realized with all the channels I have on cable there are few programs that are really worth my viewing. I have finished a couple projects around the house that have been long neglected and taken a serious look at some other home improvement. I’m reading more and finding out that my wife does a whole lot more at home than I thought.

Social distancing has made us all stop and re-evaluate our surroundings. American is made up of a whole lot of small businesses and they are really feeling the effect of this virus. “Nonessential businesses” what does that really mean? If you are nonessential why are you in business anyway?

When the country shuts down because the budget wasn’t passed and nonessential workers stay home the country doesn’t come to a screeching halt does it? No! Oh, it may over the long haul but that will never happen because nothing is really nonessential. Why? Because we all need the little things in life that are nonessential.

Every once and awhile we need a reality check and have to stop and take a look at what is really important in our lives, our family, our kids, our community, our faith. I recently changed the sign at the American Legion from “We Are Open,” to “God Bless America.”

We are blessed to live in a country that cares for us and that was founded on the Christian principles of caring for our neighbors as we care for ourselves. We will get through this and look back and remember that for one short period in our life we were forced to stop and take a deep breath.

Michael R. Pock

South Portland

Candidate’s ‘qualities critical to Maine’s future

To the editor,

Anne Carney (D) is an outstanding candidate to represent South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and parts of Scarborough in the Maine State Senate. I write to urge you to consider the breadth of her experience and the record of her accomplishments and to vote for Anne in the upcoming June 9 primary election.

I know Anne to be a truly remarkable human being. Her qualities of character — intelligence, warmth, empathy, persistence, and a deep commitment to the people of this magnificent state — will be critical to Maine’s future.

Anne has been amazingly effective in her current role as a member of the Maine State House, sponsoring important bills to improve and protect the quality of life for all Mainers.

These legislative successes demonstrate that she cares deeply about our environment, our health, and our economic vitality. Because of her integrity, her ability to listen, and her hard work, she has been able to collaborate with both chambers and both parties to pass strategically significant legislation, a remarkable accomplishment in these times of political polarization.

Simply put, Anne Carney is one of the finest people I know. Electing her to the Maine State Senate will be a big plus for the future of Maine.

Triss Critchfield

South Portland

Candidate is a ‘real people person’

To the editor,

I didn’t really know Anne Carney when I was invited to a well attended reception for her at the home of a friend. But I was very impressed with her experience as a civil rights and municipal law attorney and also as a recent member of the Maine State Legislature. She came across as sincere and dedicated leader with a long career of public service.

But mostly I was impressed by the stories Anne shared about the people and issues she had been most involved with and how that involvement translated into her role in the Legislature. I can’t summarize in a few words the amazing work she’s done on a myriad of issues that directly affect the quality of people’s lives in Maine. For more details I suggest her website,

Anne Carney is a real people person, someone I will be proud to support for the democratic state senate nomination in the June primary.

Judith Kline
South Portland