Collins made a potentially deadly mistake

In response to Linda Baker’s op-ed (“Unlike Gideon, Collins is born to lead in time of crisis,” The Times Record, April 21) calling Sen. Susan Collins a leader, I’m waiting for Collins to show real leadership by apologizing for her vote to keep Donald Trump in office following his impeachment. Claiming he had “learned his lesson,” Collins let Trump off scot-free, leaving him in place to make a mess of the government’s response to the coronavirus. His early denials of the severity of the crisis and then bullying, blame-shifting, and lying mismanagement of it have probably cost lives, rather than save them. It’s time for Collins to step up and admit she made a possibly deadly mistake.

Eve Thorson,

Collins misleading Maine people

I no longer support Susan Collins’ reelection as I have over the past years. I am supporting Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate because I believe she will stand up to the current crew that have taken over the Republican party. I also believe Sara will fight even harder for our veterans and the working people of Maine, just as she has in our Legislature.

The more I see of the actions taken in the U. S. Senate, the more I realize that Sen. Susan Collins is misleading the people of Maine.

She has gone along with the process of voting to confirm the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man accused of sexual misconduct, all the while making a lot of noise about her support of women’s issues. She also did not vote to impeach President Trump for his abuse of power to enhance his chances of being reelected, stating that the charges “did not meet the very high constitutional standard of treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors.” She made this statement even though I, as well as many Americans, supported the charges against the President.

While she makes some noise on the side where she artificially declares that she is “troubled” by the actions of the President, she sides with President Trump and the likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and other Senators that continue to support President Trump and the most unscrupulous and corrupt administration this country has ever seen.

As an independent voter and the son of a life long Republican voter, I support Sara Gideon for U. S. Senate from Maine. If my father were here today, I think he would agree.

David Capuano,

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