Age Friendly South Portland and the South Portland Library are offering assistance to help our older residents and residents with disabilities sort through the many resources available to help them live independently well into their elder years.

In partnership with the Southern Maine Agency on Aging, we are making available dedicated community resource specialists who can work with older adults and their families by phone and/or email to provide information, support, and referrals.

Resource information that can be offered by our specialists touch on topics relating to transportation, in-home support, benefits screening, Medicare coverage, recreational activities, life-alert systems, nutritional resources, mental health information, social participation opportunities and much more.

Furthermore, as we continue to monitor how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact our situations moving forward, these specialists can help older adults identify how to adjust their lifestyles accordingly and receive help during this time of need.

For South Portland residents interested in learning more about how one of Southern Maine Agency on Aging’s community resource specialists can help you and your family, contact them via phone at 207-396-6531 or email at [email protected]

Chad MacLeod is co-chair of Age Friendly South Portland.

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