Candidate is a ‘team player’

To the editor,

I believe Rep. Anne Carney is the best candidate for Maine Senate District 29.

Anne is an effective legislator who listens and gets things done. She learned in September, for example, about the fiscal and environmental vulnerability any Maine community would face if a local oil tank facility closed. She did her research, wrote a bill, garnered support and got it passed before the Legislature adjourned in March. Mainers, including South Portlanders, are now protected by a law that requires oil terminal owners to remove tanks, clean up contaminated soil, and bear the resulting expense.

Anne’s training as a lawyer and experience as a representative mean that she knows how to craft legislation that is clear, effective and implementable. Because she understands the legislative process, Anne will hit the ground running as a senator, a priceless advantage given the extraordinary challenges that Main and the nation are facing.

Anne is a true leader as well as a team player. She made the case to business owners in both parties that meeting the needs of pregnant workers would benefit them and their employees. She achieved bipartisan sponsorship, and unanimous passage of “An Act To Protect Pregnant Workers.”

Anne is one of the most caring people I know. Her passion and commitment to bettering life for the people of Maine drove her to run for public office. They are reflected in the legislation she has supported and sponsored. Anne has pledged to address systemic racism, working to reform law enforcement policies, sponsor legislation to end racial disparities in incarceration rates, fight for universal health care and invest in an education system to end racial inequities.

I plan to rank Anne No. 1 in the Democratic primary on my absentee ballot. Please join me.

Beth De Tine

South Portland

Candidate is ‘good listener’

To the editor,

As a resident of South Portland, a native Mainer, father, husband, and concerned citizen, I urge everyone to support Sari Greene’s campaign for Maine State Senate District 29 – South Portland, Cape Elizabeth and part of Scarborough.

As our nation continues to suffer through a generational crisis of historic proportions, we need leaders who we can rely on and trust to compassionately tackle economic uncertainty and public health challenges in a responsible manner. Simply put, there is no other person I would want to advocate on behalf my family than Sari Greene.

I had the opportunity to work alongside Sari at the cybersecurity firm she founded and witnessed the dedication, drive, and passion she consistently brought to the table. What really set her apart was her persuasiveness and ability to gain support from stakeholders, allies and adversaries for a cause. She is inclusive and a good listener.

I can attest to Sari’s disciplined work ethic that was always on display with an intense focus and determination. If we’re going to make demonstrable progress on a number of key issues that will affect our collective futures, it’s imperative we elect a candidate of Sari’s caliber.

In order to create a more just and balanced way of life, we need to elect officials who conduct themselves with integrity and a strong sense of purpose. Sari will work tirelessly on our behalf to bring about the kind of change that is meaningful and will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

Brendan D. Travis

South Portland

Candidate is ‘committed to community’

To the editor,

I’m writing in support of Sari Greene’s candidacy for state senate. Sari is the best type of candidate for political office in that is she already deeply committed to our community, and to doing good work for the benefit of others.

At city council I’ve her seen stand up again and again, speak wisely, and give balanced advice on any number of issues. As a successful businessperson she understands economics and is uniquely equipped to deal with the serious issues we now all face. But most impressive is Sari’s initiative in the face of the pandemic; at a very early stage, using social media to reach out to others, Sari immediately stood up South Portland Community of Kindness, a community resource to those among us who have needed assistance and support in the face of COVID-19.

While a lot of us went into isolation from our neighbors, Sari’s first instinct was to don a mask and make sure our food bank functioned, that everybody was connected, getting everything they needed, and to the places where they needed to go. She is engaged, kind, wise, and she is committed to her community and all the people in it. I’m voting for Sari. What more could we want in our leadership right now?

Ross Little

South Portland