Like your most reasonable columnist, John Balentine, I scoff at the idea that President Trump is a racist, as BLM folks say he is. This means that “the garish and obnoxious, blindingly bright yellow” block letters they paint on streets are pointless (July 10, “BLM mural sends the wrong message”). It is bad enough that we are subject to the garish clothes that so many of them, such as Cam Newton, wear. If Trump isn’t racist and, obviously, Portland isn’t racist, then what is the purpose of this ugliness?

It is tantamount to a public service that John reminds those people that they kill far more of each other than the police do; if they would restrain their baser instincts, as white people like President Trump do, they wouldn’t be snuffing out so many of their own, including fetus lives. The police, even though sworn to uphold the law, sometimes get overenthusiastic and too quick on the trigger. What’s the point of having guns if you never use them? And anyway, they really don’t kill that many people.

As John asks, why doesn’t BLM use its own money to improve Black lives? It could pay for education, health care and small business loans the same way governments pay for such things to improve white lives.

It takes a strong person, such as President Trump, to withstand being called a racist and he has done more to improve Black lives than anyone I can remember. Look how many of those people are still alive even though the coronavirus continues to attack America, in spite of President Trump’s quick, decisive actions. And like him, I don’t wear a mask. For one thing, it is ineffective because it fits badly over my hood. For another, it might interfere with the radio signals I receive from the Grand Wizard through the antenna that runs all the way to its pointy top.

Ken Weston