Cover courtesy of Europa Editions

“I decided to read ‘Breasts and Eggs’ by because I wanted a completely different experience from my usual reading fare. I was already a few weeks into lockdown, and even my favorite authors like John le Carré and P.G. Wodehouse weren’t offering their typical comforts. I knew I needed a change. I’ve read many of Haruki Murakami’s novels, but besides those, I’m not too familiar with Japanese literature. Once I started I was quickly transported to a completely different experience. This is the story of two sisters who are trying to pull themselves out of poverty and pursue their own dreams while chafing at the conservative, male-dominated society of Japan. The prose is refreshingly direct, both for its realist style, and its unflinching exploration of female desire. These elements, along with deep character development and a few light moments make for a really enjoyable read. I urge anyone looking for something different to give it a try!” — ANDREW GOODMAN, North Yarmouth

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